About Us

Our name is inspired by African cultures and languages. The word 'UWE' comes from African languages meaning cloth. Apparel that was once exclusive to Africa, is now emerging from the continent, with the commitment and creativity to deliver the most incomparable pieces for discerning customers. With this in mind, we aim to share the passion of Africa, to curate the finest selection of authentic African fabrics and fashions.

Our handwoven products

All our handwoven products are made from natural fibers and cotton. These natural fibers are worked entirely by hand to create and produce elegant products that stand out because of their craftsmanship, high quality and attention to details. If you did not find these products today, please revisit us soon, we are working around the clock to make sure we deliver the best quality you deserve!

Our Leather products

We work closely with a Local African tannery in order to create a sustainable chain of supply to allow us to bring to you high-quality goods which have been carefully selected and tailored with you in mind!

Our Gallery

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